3bExam delivers leading edge electronic exam solutions to a network of Certified Medical Examiners, Urgent Care Clinics, Occupational Health Practices and Third Party Systems (EMRs & TPAs).

3bExam provides a total solution that simplifies and streamlines the exam process, eliminates paper forms, improves accuracy, and keeps you HIPAA and FMCSA compliant.

3bExam is an FMCSA Certified Third Party Organization for automatic reporting to FMCSA.

3bExam is the examiners choice for over 25% of the electronic DOT exams completed each year. 3bExam has thousands of users and more client success stories than any other DOT Exam solution provider, period.
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"We love 3bExam. 100% of the companies we work
with have converted to the Client Portal. I wish every
software program we use ran as smoothly as 3b."

Tina M. Cochran, RN, CAOHC, TNCC, CEN,
SANE-A, Clinical Coordinator
Primecare, Alabama

"This is the best thing we’ve done for our practice in
some time....the application is so easy to use and
has streamlined the entire exam process!"

Russell Kamer, MD
Partners In Safety, NY
“In all my years of practicing medicine, this is the first healthcare software solution that had made my life easier.”
Stuart Denny, MD

Kootenai Occupational Medicine

Accuracy & Compliance

Intuitive interface guides you through the examination, validating and checking for errors. No missing information means accurate exam forms and medical certificates. Maintain complete audit trails and historical records with secure, cloud-based storage and keep everything at your fingertips
  • Alerts on critical conditions based on FMCSA guidelines and medical best practices prevent errors
  • Automatic reporting to the FMCSA gives you peace of mind and eliminates typos
Streamline & Simplify

Easy to use, browser based application from any laptop, desktop or tablet. Improve efficiency by eliminating tedious, time-consuming, manual steps.
  • Electronic, paperless solution reduces data entry and administrative overhead
  • Auto-upload of completed exams means no logging into the National Registry website
Customer Service & Communication

Providing employers real-time access to documents and information through the client portal enhances customer relationships and increases revenue.
  • Employers can log in to manage driver lists and information, run reports, schedule exams, and even reprint certificates
  • CMEs can send reminders to employers and drivers with renewal details